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About us

TOPECOMPLUS is a new company which starts in 2021, and is located in France, close to its customers. Our company is specialized in selling fashionable pakistani clothes and accessories for women, but also for men, at very attractive prices !

Passionate of pakistani fashion, specially the clothing, we are motivated to share our passion and to transmit our ideas regarding the new trends.

A new adventure begins with you ...

That’s why we’re surfing on the new trends of the most famous Pakistani designers, and the best-selling brands to find for you the perfect outfit.

How did we come up with the idea of offering you an online shop in France of pakistani clothing and accessories?

We have been geographically far from our native country for years, and we are often the second or even third generation born in europe. But as we say "absence makes the heart grow fonder". Our distance does not weaken our affection for our native country, the Pakistan, for our culture, our traditions, and our heritage ...

We continue to perpetuate our habits and customs, continuing to adopt our original dresses, outside, at home, with our families, with our friends, on some occasions, during holidays.

However, it’s often a challenge to get this precious outfit. Mostly, we are waiting, the time of the next trip to Pakistan, to finally be able to choose and purchase the outfits and accessories that we like. Sometimes, other people who don’t have that opportunity, and ask to their family living in the country to choose and send them. After that, we are disappointed to have lost our money: it’s an old fashion style, the fabric is of bad quality, the stitching is bad, we don’t like the colors, the delivery time is excessively long, etc.

To avoid these deceptions, we choose to buy on online’s shops, by being uncertain : we will certainly be able to choose the colors and the "designs", but are afraid of the quality of the fabric, which gets damaged with the first washing ... The shops we are finding are in other countries, too expensive, with excessive delivery costs and time.

To reply to all these difficulties, especially for women, we get the idea to propose a website that would be in in France, and that could meet all these challenges at the same time. It’s done with TOPECOMPLUS!

Trust us once, and you will never leave us again! Our new adventure is beginning here...

Our services

TOPECOMPUS aims to become your leading reference in terms of fashion, that’s why we would like to provide you a service at the height of your ambitions, and guarantee you an excellent customer service from A to Z :        

1.    Ultra-fast delivery

2.    100% original brands

3.    High quality products

4.    Fashionable products

5.    100% secure payment

6.    Money back guarantee

7.    Excellent customer service

8.    Guaranteed returns for 14 days

So don’t wait anymore, and order now!